Target has a strategy that will put more pressure on Kohl’s


Target (TGT) and Kohl’s (KSS) raise the bar in their retail competition.

Shortly after Kohl’s talks with Franchise Group ended (FRG) about a potential takeover, Kohl’s launched its new program called Discover @ Kohls.

Discover @ Kohls is a section of the retailer’s floor that will feature new collections featuring youth-neutral clothing and lines that portray inclusivity and positivity. These fashion lines will also include women-owned businesses, and the fashion lines will change seasonally.

The new fashion engine will also give back. In Discover @ Kohl’s, the change in fashion will also introduce new projects in the retailer’s commitment to giving back. The first charitable initiative is through the Gorongosa Coffee Co. The coffee company works with the Gorongosa community in Mozambique, Africa to help bring sustainable solutions to the environment. The coffee company donates 100% of profits to this cause.

Kohl’s is also bringing back the retro Levi’s (LEVI) SilverTab denim line. The 1990s jeans collection will only be available for a limited time. The addition of this range is in hopes of bringing Gen X consumers into stores to experience the new “old” clothes. Maybe nostalgia will provide a boost for Levi’s and Kohl’s.

Target had a quarter of declining sales coupled with the challenge of being overstocked with items that weren’t selling well. It didn’t take long for Target to find new ways to create buzz in its available fashion lines. Target recently expanded its partnership with Tabitha Brown, New York Times bestselling author, actress and social media fashion influencer.

Target and Brown had already teamed up in other categories in May, and the expansion of the Brown collection will bring brighter, more vibrant colors to Target aisles. Additional items Target will carry are swimwear, clothing, accessories, homewares, kitchenware and more. Targeted shoppers will see the Brown collection throughout the store.

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Kohl’s recently announced a new fashion line called Sonoma Collection, an exclusive fashion line from Kohl that celebrates cultures and diversity. The first cultures celebrated in the Sonoma collection are the Hispanic and Latin American cultures.

Other cultures that will be featured in the Sonoma Collection will be Lunar New Year, Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Pride Month and Veterans Day. These collections will focus on ways to express and celebrate different cultures.

The collective future is now

Target has announced its new Future Collective fashion line developed from a partnership between Target and fashion influencers. The fashion line will be owned by Target, which will keep the price in line with target consumers. The goal of the Future Collective is to have a rotating line of diverse new fashions offered by Target.

Target’s first launch of Future Collective is with partner Kahlana Barfield Brown, a fashion and beauty influencer who has worked with Target in the past. Barfield Brown previously worked with Target on the Black Beyond Measure campaign, which featured the history of black colleges and universities. A former InStyle beauty editor, Brown’s style is described as edgy streetwear.

The new fashion line, which will launch on September 11, includes clothing and accessories for all seasons that portray Barfield Brown’s distinct taste. Versatile garments will have bold colors and patterns and come in denim, jumpsuits, blazers, jackets and pants. The garments will be available in sizes ranging from XXS to 4X. Of the 120 items in the collection, most will be available at prices below $35.

Target will announce other fashion influencer partners for future installments of the Future Collective, but the list of other influencers has not yet been made public.


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