The best winter training gear for women of 2022

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Of course, workout clothes should be sweat-wicking, comfortable and simple. But it’s the 21st century, baby, we want all of these things, plus sleek fits and performance enhancing features. It’s the clothes and accessories that have helped us achieve new PRs in training and style.

Janji Circuit Crew Sweater ($ 88)

(Photo: Courtesy Janji)

This well-designed and comfortable diaper is our go-to for day hikes or runs around town. Its secret: the fabric, which combines a soft cotton blend exterior for a sweatshirt feel with a breathable recycled polyester lining that wicks away sweat like a technical top. There is also a discreet zippered pocket on the back which is the perfect size for a set of keys and a card. We loved all the colors, but if you sweat a lot, we recommend going for a darker one: the dusty green Haze color tends to sting. (XS – XL)

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Vuori Elevation Bra ($ 58)

(Photo: Courtesy of Vuori)

Whether you’re at the bottom of a squat or running until the end of your run, the Elevation Bra has you covered, literally, with a high neck and a thick, supportive bottom band. The compression fabric, a soft and breathable blend of 87 percent polyester and 13 percent elastane, holds its shape and resists pilling even after multiple washes. We especially liked the deep cut at the armholes, which helped to maintain freedom of movement and prevent armpit irritation. (XS – XL)

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Lululemon Take Form Rug (from $ 128)

(Photo: courtesy of Lululemon)

The ridges in the center and in the corners of this plush five-millimeter mat help guide your feet during your practice so you can find certain spots on the mat without taking a look at your feet. It is also made of 34% natural rubber of sustainable origin. which is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

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Lululemon Align Pant Leggings (from $ 98)

(Photo: courtesy of Lululemon)

These high waisted tights are so light we barely noticed them even in our most curvy and sweaty yoga sessions. Bonus: They are available in three lengths (25, 28 and 31 inches) and in sizes ranging from 0 to 20.

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Crossrope Jump Rope Training System ($ 99 and up)

(Photo: Courtesy of Crossrope)

The jump rope was the unsung hero of our pandemic training experience: it’s cheap, it’s easy to master, and by nature it forces people to keep their distance. These days we keep in the habit when it’s too cold to run. The Crossrope system allows you to choose from different weighted grips and ropes. Take a quarter-pound model with slim grips for quick work, or a two-pound model with power grips for strength training. The application (Android and iOS) offers hundreds of workouts.

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Hoka Hupana Flow Shoes ($ 115)

(Photo: Courtesy of Hoka One One)

Hoka replaced the upper of the Hupana Flow with a more breathable knit, and we noticed it. In these 7.5 ounce sneakers, our feet were cool, even during hot runs. Meanwhile, the foam rubber outsole and five-millimeter midsole provide stability for HIIT sessions. Double eyelets at the top of the tongue allowed us to lock the lacing to keep our feet in place.

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Honey Stinger Quick Hydration Workout Drink ($ 33 ​​for 24)

(Photo: Courtesy of Honey Stinger)

Honey Stinger’s new electrolyte drink mix includes L-theanine for mental focus, along with vitamins C and D to boost the immune system. A pre-workout version adds citicoline, for focus, while the recovery version replaces L-theanine with zinc to strengthen your body’s defenses.

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