The best women’s hunting clothes for every season


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If you’re female and you hunt, chances are you’ll struggle to find the right gear for you. Despite the fact that many women excel in the sport, a wide variety of women’s hunting clothing can be difficult to find. Unfortunately, many retailers don’t have the necessary equipment in women’s sizes, but we promise there are some great, high-quality options out there. We wanted to draw attention to some of the best options on the market today, so we’ve rounded up the best hunting clothes for women that can be worn for every successful hunt. Of course, different hunting seasons require different hunting gear, so we’ve covered hot and cold. Check out our top picks below.

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If you’re looking for unique, high-quality clothing, we’re fond of a few brands. KUIU has just launched a new line of women’s hunting clothes that are tough and breathable – and a range of options for hot and cool weather. Although they are more expensive, if you are an avid hunter we can only recommend them. Find them here. do something big is one size inclusive (it goes up to a size 5x) and is sold on Amazon, so this is another brand we highly recommend. She outdoors is sold at Cabela’s and also offers great options for women at an affordable price. To finish, Forloh focuses on women’s hunting clothes that can withstand rain, humidity, ultra hot. or cold conditions. Between these four fantastic options, we are sure you can find the one that suits you best.

What state laws apply?

It is important to note that state laws vary regarding what clothing you can wear while hunting. Many states require you to wear a certain amount of bright orange hunting gear, for example. This keeps you visible to other hunters, but since deer are colorblind, it won’t affect the quality of your hunt. Be sure to familiarize yourself with your local laws, which you can usually find on your state government’s Parks and Wildlife site – see an example from Texas here. Be sure to review these laws frequently, as they are subject to frequent change. If orange gear is indeed a requirement, here’s a vest that works under many state laws – but please check your state’s website before you go:

DSG Outerwear Women’s Upland Hunting Vest with Built-in Game Bag (S-3X) – Amazon, $49.95

The Best Warm Weather Hunting Clothes for Women

Camouflage has always been a hunter’s best friend, but you need to make sure you choose the right camouflage colors for your hunting location. For example, if you plan to hunt in a northern region, look for green and moss-colored patterns to mimic the environment. If the fall leaves are starting to change, opt for rich browns. When it comes to coverage, long pants are a must to keep skin protected and out of the elements, but you’ll need breathable and lightweight options to stay cool and comfortable. Similarly, a long-sleeved shirt with cooling properties will help combat the risk of sunburn and insect bites without suffocating you. As for accessories, sunglasses made for hunting (so they have polarized lenses and a brim hat will protect your face and neck from the sun, so be sure to snag one.

Women’s SolAir Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt (XS-XL) – Forloh, $99.99

This premium, high-quality pick keeps you 3.5 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than if you weren’t wearing it — and it’s got a UPF rating of 900+ and hyper-wicking fabric that dries in minutes. It is also antimicrobial and prevents odors to keep you undetectable to prey. Seriously, it’s a must.

SHE Lightweight Outdoor Crewneck (XS- 2X) – Cabela’s, $14.97

We chose this basic, lightweight option for its price and its snug yet comfortable and stretchy fit.

Women’s SolAir Lightweight Pant (2-14) – Forloh, $159.00

These pants have the same features as the Forloh shirt, which is exactly why we recommend them. Improved cooling, moisture wicking and drying fibers really make this a winner. This gear is also 100% original and made in the USA; you can’t go wrong with their entire clothing line. Note: Forloh recommends that if you are between sizes, be sure to size up.

Verdster Polarized Sunglasses – Amazon, $19.97

These affordable polarized sunglasses feature polycarbonate lenses that provide UV protection and zero glare. They are also non-slip and won’t get in the way. Although high quality polarized sunglasses are always a requirement for anglers, we believe this is a category you can afford to save money on if you are only buying them for fishing purposes. hunt.

Mossy Oak Outdoor Cap – Amazon, $12.48

Here’s a basic but effective hunting cap to keep your head hidden and the sun out of your eyes – plus it also comes in a few different camouflage patterns. Too often we’ve seen camo hats – and especially those designed for women – fail to serve the primary purpose of a hunting headgear, which should always keep you hidden. If a hat has a big peak or a purple patch or logo on the front, does it really serve its purpose? Always go for a hat that is completely covered in camouflage, or at least one without a distinctly different color on the front.


Mossy Oak Camo Hunting Neck Warmer – Amazon, $14.99

A gaiter with UPF is great for sun protection and also comes in handy for completely concealing yourself from prey. If you’re looking for something warmer, we love the Mossy Oak fleece lined option for the colder months.

The Best Women’s Cold Weather Hunting Clothes

Again, camouflage is king – and reflecting the wilderness around you and your hunting grounds is the smartest way to go. For winter, that can mean white or gray patterns that blend the most with snow, gray skies, and bare trees. Coveralls are also a protective and easy way to keep yourself warm – or try heavy pants paired with a warm jacket. Layering is key too: like wearing thermals, fleece-lined leggings, or moisture-wicking shirts under your jacket or wetsuit. Socks are an especially important layering item – if one pair isn’t enough, try doubling up on two pairs of thick winter socks. Wool or neoprene gloves are good for hunting, but avoid mittens or anything that restricts the mobility of your fingers. Check out some of our favorite winter pieces below.

SHE Outdoor Insulated Bib (XS-2X) – Cabela’s, $69.99

This pair of insulated suits have a quilted lining for extra warmth in the colder months – and the price is great too. It’s the 100-gram Thermolite insulation that does most of the leg work, and the full-length leg zippers make the process of getting them on and off easy.

Women’s Super Down Ultra Hooded Jacket (XS-XL) – KUIU, $319.00

This ultra-light and ultra-warm hooded down jacket is a benchmark in women’s hunting clothing. It is insulated and windproof, and also has a waterproof lining and a two-way adjustable hood. Toray’s DWR-treated QUIXDOWN does a great job of allowing the jacket to retain its loft, even when wet. The unique double baffle structure reduces movement to a minimum, preventing the appearance of cold spots. The pocket doubles as a stuff sack for easy storage.

Women’s Attack Pant (2-14) – KUIU, $119.00

These water and odor resistant pants are perfect for year round use, and feature articulated knees, hip vents and a comfortable stretch. Although they have warming properties, what we love about them is that they’re made for layering, so you can use them in most climates.


Darn Tough Hunting Sock – Amazon, $17.86

These mid-weight socks have a cushion at the bottom and are perfect for hunting. We’ve been a fan of these Darn Tough socks ever since we tried them on last season. They are made with merino wool (mixed with nylon and lycra spandex for more elasticity). They’re even backed by a lifetime warranty, something sock makers should promise.

More tips for the best hunting clothes for women

Finally, sturdy hunting boots are a must-have on any list focused on the best hunting clothes for women. Waterproof features are better if you’re hunting in wet areas, and insulated boots will work if you’re hiking in snowy or cold climates. If you can, avoid wearing new hunting boots for the first time in the field – break them in before you go.

Women’s Apex Mid Zip – Muck Boot Company, $155

We are big fans of the Muck brand as they have so many options for all types of weather. The durable 4mm neoprene will last a long time and the thermo-regulating (TR) fleece wicks away moisture up to 33% better than a standard synthetic. Muck offers them in Realtree Edge camo, and the lugged rubber outsole is ideal for any type of terrain.

If you need a thermal layering recommendation, we think merino wool options are the best bet, like this mid-priced option on Amazon. Finally, don’t forget to wash or spray your clothes with air freshener – the last thing you want is for your game to pick up your scent when it could have been avoided. A great option is this Dead Down Wind pencil casewhich contains detergent, field spray and even an odorless SPF lip balm.

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