The body of a young girl found in a jute bag: the police arrest two women


Two women were arrested on Thursday in connection with the case of the partially decomposed body of a 16-year-old girl found in a burlap sack in a sewer in Chunabhatti on Wednesday morning.

A prima facie investigation reveals that the girl was strangled to death by one of the female prisoners, who suspected the deceased was having an affair with her husband.

The police are questioning the two women.

An officer from Nehru Nagar Police Station in Kurla (East) said after the body was found in the drain, they started scanning CCTV camera footage of the surrounding areas. In one of the images, police said, two women could be seen arriving in a rickshaw, throwing

the burlap sack down the drain and leave.

Following this, the police found the two women. An officer said that based on a prima facie investigation, it appears the girl was

suspected of having a relationship with the husband of one of the women.

“It seems that the wife had warned the young girl to stay away from her husband. However, as she felt that the girl was still communicating with her husband, the wife told the girl to meet with her to talk about the problem…. when she came, she strangled her.

Police said they suspected the second female detainee helped dump the girl’s body into the burlap sack after tying her hands and legs. The statement of the car driver who was seen in the CCTV footage is also being recorded, the officer said.

A senior officer said they were waiting to gather more evidence before formally arresting the two women. “The deceased had filed a case of sexual harassment against a 59-year-old man…Since the police wanted to take her statement in the case, she had come to town,” the officer added.


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