The Gear Up Get Out sale is here


If you were hoping to buy REI’s Black Friday sale in a few weeks, you’ll have to rethink that plan. The popular outdoor goods retailer shuts down on Black Friday and instead encourages its shoppers (and employees) to take advantage of the great outdoors. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have the opportunity to save on your favorite gear. Starting today, REI is organizing its Gear up Take out the sale— his last big sale of the year. This year, you’ll find up to 30% off tons of gear and 20% off a full-price item and 20% off a single REI Co-op item of your choice with the coded GEARUP22.

The problem? The sale is exclusive to REI members, but it only costs $30 for a lifetime subscription. If you’re a nature lover, it’s a small price to pay for a lifetime of offers and discounts. Along with access to exclusive sales throughout the year, a membership earns you 10% annually on all qualifying purchases, free shipping and more. If you already have a subscription and are ready to shop, we’ve rounded up 12 of the best deals from the Gear Up Get Out sale below.

The Best Deals From REI’s Alternative Black Friday Sale

Save 25% on this popular Cotopaxi Bundle

Whether you’re going to the mountains or jumping on a plane, this Cotopaxi pack is perfect for traveling. It’s durable and has a breathable mesh back panel and plenty of internal compartments to keep your gear organised.

Save 25% on this Stanley tumbler

Here’s a rare opportunity to pick up a Stanley tumbler on sale. This double-walled mug will keep your drink cold for up to 12 hours or ice cold for two days. It’s dishwasher safe, fits most cup holders, and has a leak-proof flip-top straw.

This cult camp blanket is 25% off

Stay cozy around the campfire this season with one of Rumpl’s classic blankets. These beloved blankets are lightweight, weather resistant, durable and warm. The cover above comes in fun National Park scenes, but the standard patterns and colors are also on sale.

Save $100 on this Garmin watch

If you’ve had your eye on a Garmin GPS watch, now’s the time to finally add it to your cart. Snag this Fenix ​​7S for $100 off during the Gear Up Get Out sale. This model has an 11-day battery life, 24/7 wellness and fitness monitoring (like heart rate and sleep tracking), tons of built-in sports apps, cards and more.

This puffer jacket is nearly $70 off

A good down jacket is lightweight without sacrificing durability or warmth. This Cotopaxi coat keeps its promises. It has pockets, a hood and comes in a nice selection of sizes and colors.

Save $225 on our favorite bike trainer

When we started asking our opinion on the bike trainer, the Wahoo Kickr was the standout favorite. It is efficient, reliable and can be adapted to your specific training needs. The only drawback ? It’s expensive. Fortunately, during this sale, you can save over $200 on this popular model.

Stock up on base layers for 25% off

Smartwool Classic Thermal Merino Crew Baselayer (Women)

The key to good cool weather attire is layering—especially when you’re hiking or camping. Smartwool is one of the best warm gear brands and right now you can snag its clothing and accessories for 25% off. Men’s Smartwool wear is also on sale for the same discount.

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The key to keeping cool in cool weather is layering, especially when hiking or camping. Smartwool is one of the top hot gear brands and you can currently shop their apparel and accessories for 25% off. Smartwool clothing for men is also on sale for the same discount.

Stay lit for 25% off

You will never regret having a headlamp handy. Whether you’re strolling through a campsite, hitting the trails early, or your power is out, a headlamp will light the way. The popular Black Diamond has a bright, powerful light, multiple adjustable settings and an IPX8 waterproof rating.

Save Over $70 On A New Osprey Bundle

This hiking pack includes the Osprey Aether 65 pack, the Osprey Ultralight 18 liter object pack and a rain cover. The larger bag can hold all your gear, while the smaller bag is perfect for a day hike. Both are highly adjustable and include tons of straps and compartments to organize your gear. The Osprey women’s set is also on sale at the same price.

Get a Thule car carrier for nearly $200 off

This is exactly the type of large purchase that is worth making during an REI sale. During the Gear Up Get Out event, not only will you save nearly $200 on this fan-favorite roof box, but it’s also backed by REI’s extensive one-year return policy in case you change hands. notice.

Get help for 25% off

Sometimes we need a little extra support. In the case of your shoes, these Superfeet insoles are a great option (and much cheaper than custom orthotics). They are great for walking, running and hiking and add a little extra cushion and stability to your kicks.

Save 20% on these durable racquets

Upgrade your snowshoes before winter. These MSR racquets are very popular with REI buyers. They are extremely durable, have freeze-resistant straps, and can hold up to 280 pounds (depending on size).


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