The “inappropriate” work clothes of women castigated


A woman’s outfits have sparked controversy in the workplace after apparently making co-workers uncomfortable.

TikTok user Mari, who posts under the username YaMarie_23posted a clip claiming she was ashamed of what she wears to work, with co-workers apparently calling it inappropriate.

In the clip, Mari shows off her outfit, which consists of wearing an oversized white button-up shirt as a dress, with a short wool vest on top with beige wedge heels, the New York Post reports.

“When my colleagues want to complain about my inappropriate attire,” she wrote on the six-second video.

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Mari – who appears to work in an office – doesn’t seem too fazed by her colleagues’ thoughts, chiming in with a TikTok soundbite of a child swearing as she looks defiantly at the camera.

The user has disabled comments on the video, but according to The sunmany didn’t think there was anything wrong with the cheeky outfit.

“How cute,” one user wrote below the video.

“I think that suits you perfectly,” added another.

Mari’s video has since been deleted.

Last week, another TikToker complained about his boss told him that his shirts were “too short” and too “inappropriate”.

“I got in trouble for dress inappropriately at work,” user Jennifer Huerta captioned the video.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post and has been reproduced with permission

Originally published as ‘I don’t care’: Women’s ‘inappropriate’ work outfits castigated


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