The pope awards bags and formalizes the recognition of women


Pope Francisco

Photo: Vatican Media / Posted by Reuters

the Pope Francisco This Sunday 23, for the first time, Roman Catholic Church Conference and Catechism Services for Womenpositions held by many without institutional recognition.

He granted services at Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica, where, in an apparent reference to resistance to change by many conservatives, he criticized those who need strict regulations and “more rules” to find God .

Last year, Francis changed the church canon to lectorate and acolyte services, which were usually reserved for seminarians preparing for the priesthood, saying he wanted stability and public recognition for women already fulfilling the roles.

Readers read the scriptures, followers serve Mass, and religious education teachers teach the principles and beliefs of the religion to converted children and adults.

Written and auxiliary ministries existed before, but were formally reserved for men. Francis created the Ministry of Christian Education last year.

During Sunday Mass, the pope appointed six women and two men as readers and three women and five men as teachers. Francis gave the Bible to each reader and a cross to each teacher.

Formalization, including the commissioning ceremony, would make it difficult for conservative bishops to prevent women in their dioceses from holding these positions.

The move would be particularly significant as a tribute to women in places like the Amazon, where many de facto religious leaders are located in remote communities with a severe shortage of priests.

The Vatican has stressed that the posts do not represent a step towards one day becoming priests. The Catholic Church teaches that only men can be priests because Jesus chose only men to be his apostles.


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