Transgender woman referred to prosecutors for using women’s toilet in Osaka


A transgender woman was referred to prosecutors on Thursday for alleged trespassing after using a women’s toilet at a commercial establishment in Osaka, in a case an LGBT expert fears will lead to further prejudice and discrimination against her sexual minorities.

According to the Osaka Prefectural Police, the business establishment contacted the police after a customer complained that she could not use the women’s toilet because “a man wearing women’s clothes was using them.” causing him “fear”.

The transgender woman in her 40s, who police later confirmed to have entered a women’s toilet in May of last year, told investigators she knew she was not supposed to use establishment because their sex is entered as male in their family register.

Investigative sources said that although she identifies as a woman, she identifies as a man for work and dresses in women’s clothing on her days off.

Mikiya Nakatsuka, president of the Japan Society for Gender Identity Disorders, said most transgender people “take care when using the toilet in public facilities to avoid trouble.

“I am concerned that if this single case attracts attention, it could lead to more prejudice and discrimination against them,” said Nakatsuka, who is also a professor of health sciences at the university’s graduate school. from Okayama.

Mikiya Nakatsuka, President of the Japanese Society for Gender Identity Disorders | KYODO

Other experts are proposing efforts to increase the number of toilets of all kinds.

“Gender identity is invisible, so people can’t help but judge by a person’s appearance the appropriateness of using a gender-separated toilet,” said Takashi Kazama, professor at the ‘Chukyo University which is well versed in issues of sexual diversity.

Investigating sources say Osaka Prefecture police did not request an indictment when they sent documents relating to the case, instead leaving prosecutors to decide whether to file a complaint. .

LGBT parade takes place in Sapporo in September 2020. |  KYODO
LGBT parade takes place in Sapporo in September 2020. | KYODO

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