Transgender women dress up for Pattaya military draft

A Sisters Foundation volunteer explains the laws and regulations governing compulsory military service requirements in Thailand to two 20-year-old transgender women.

The Sisters’ Foundation helped transgender women apply to be excused from military service during the annual draft.

Foundation director Thitiyanan Nukpor said the group will not only work on drafting in Banglamung district from April 7-10, but also conscription events in Muang Chonburi on April 11 and April 16-17 in Sattahip.

To be exempted from service, women born male must provide certificates of physical and mental examinations confirming that their choice of sex was legitimate.

Transgender conscripts are no longer subject to physical exams, but must pass an interview in which they are asked how long men have identified as women, how long they have continuously dressed as women, and Officers were also checking personal social media accounts for photos. complaints.

The Sisters’ Foundation has created a handbook for LGBT people explaining all of Thailand’s compulsory military service laws and regulations for 20-year-old men. The book also lists other materials they need to bring to the project.

Colonel Yuttapong Kongnil, Deputy Commander of the 14th Military Circle, thanks Sisters’ Foundation Director Thitiyanan Nukpor for her team’s assistance to transgender women and gay men during conscription procedures,

The foundation has also provided assistance to gay men who are not ready to serve, helping them obtain a year’s reprieve.

It has also led to a change in dress among transgender women applying. Gone were overtly feminine and even provocative dresses with attendees wearing conservative clothing.

Col. Yuttapong Kongnil, deputy commander of the 14th military circle, thanked the Sisters’ Foundation volunteers for their help, admitting that the military is not adept at handling gender identification issues.

A military conscription officer measures the chest of this young man of conscription age.


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