UN Exhibition – Clothes of Trinidad women murdered by their partners


In an effort to raise awareness about violence against women, clothes from Trinidad and Tobago women who were killed by their spouses are now on display in the United Nations building in Geneva, Switzerland.

The exhibit featured clothing from victims from all three nations and was organized by the Permanent Mission of Israel to the UN in conjunction with the Greek and Cypriot Permanent Missions.

Additionally, the exhibit featured clothing from victims from the United States and Trinidad and Tobago for the first time.

The aim of Keren Goldstein Yehezkeli’s exhibition, which features the clothes of women killed by their boyfriends, is to raise awareness of the problem.

Israeli documentary filmmaker and activist Goldstein is in charge of several innovative partnerships with public and commercial entities to raise awareness about gender-based violence.

The project is called “She’s Gone”. The T&T victims depicted in the exhibit are still unclear. At T&T, more than 20 women have been killed so far this year. The Jerusalem Post is the source. The show “She’s Gone” features clothing belonging to murdered women.


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