‘Underwear creep’ reportedly had 5,000 pairs of women’s underwear piled up in Melbourne tank house


Shocking discovery inside the home of a ‘sick’ man accused of stealing 5,000 bras and underwear from terrified women in Melbourne: ‘I am disgusted. I have no excuse’

  • Joshua Murrell, 34, of Reservoir was arrested by police in connection with the robberies
  • Cops claim he stole over 5,000 items of clothing – mostly women’s underwear
  • Murrell allegedly terrorized her neighbors for the past five years
  • Police found her room filled with stolen underwear and recovered a fake gun
  • Murrell had dressed a sex doll in stolen underwear and filmed himself defiling her

Stunned cops reportedly found women’s underwear piled to the ceiling inside the home of a Melbourne ‘perv’ accused of stealing more than 5,000 pieces of clothing.

Joshua Murrell, 34, of Reservoir – north of Melbourne – is behind bars amid allegations he cut underwear on clotheslines around his Reservoir home for up to five years.

He was arrested on Monday after one of his victims allegedly caught him on CCTV cameras she installed after his underwear was repeatedly stolen in the middle of the night.

When police finally caught up with Murrell, they found him on the floor of his bedroom, which was filled with women’s underwear.

Shocked detectives also located a replica gun, the sex doll dressed in stolen underwear, sex toys and a cell phone allegedly containing videos of Murrell performing dastardly acts on it.

Murrell was charged with 10 offenses over a 12-month period, including criminal harassment, theft, weapons and trespassing.

Cops found stolen underwear stacked on the ceiling inside Joshua Murrell’s home

He appeared in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday by telephone from jail in hopes of being released on community bail – a request which was refused due to his alleged risk of re-offending.

The court heard police were in talks with nearly a dozen terrified women, who claim their underwear was stolen from clotheslines around Murrell’s home.

Many of Murrell’s alleged victims are now too terrified to return home, the court heard.

Police say the one-of-a-kind Murrell had snuck into the backyards of his various victims in the dead of night to steal underwear, bras and sportswear.

A victim claimed that Murrell tried to gain access to his house to steal underwear drying on a clothes rack in his laundry room.

In evidence read in court, Senior Detective Constable Amanda Wright claimed that Murrell stored dirty underwear and bras taken from laundry baskets as well as wet items from outside.

Women's clothes were reportedly removed from clotheslines and laundry baskets in the middle of the night

Women’s clothes were reportedly removed from clotheslines and laundry baskets in the middle of the night

Arguing against his release on bail, the court heard that Murrell had previously been arrested robbing underwear at a Myer department store.

‘I am disgusted. I have no excuses,’ Murrell told police after his arrest.

When asked about the doll, Murrell said it was “just a little fun to cuddle with”.

He will return to court later this year.

Officers will continue to investigate the matter, but would like to speak to anyone in the reservoir area who may have had their underwear or sportswear stolen on 9479 6111.

Anyone with further information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or report to www.crimestoppersvic.com.au



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