Vellore Indecent Assault Case: Holiday Silence, Women’s Outfits Irritate Residents


The lack of response from women’s organizations and political parties to the sexual assault of a private hospital worker has angered Vellore residents.

On March 16, the employee and her friend were driving home late at night after watching a movie in a shared car. Five people, including two minors, took them by force to an isolated area, stole money up to Rs 40,000 and cell phones after attacking the woman.

Although the five perpetrators, including two minors, were arrested, what surprised the authorities and the media was the refusal of the police to reveal the names of the three accused adults. When DT Next contacted Vellore DIG range Anne Vijaya, she said: ‘Instructions have been issued to withhold only the names of the victim and minors.’ However, Vellore SP Rajesh Kannan had a different opinion and said: “If the media publishes either the photo or the names of the culprits, there is every chance that the latter will declare in court that the victim was fixing the blame after having seen the media reports. ”

Similarly, the marked silence of women’s wings in parties and organizations was also questioned. BJP state secretary and former Vellore mayor Karthiyayini said, “I will inform the right person in the party.” AIDWA TN Vice President ST Shankari said, “We don’t have full information on the incident to call for unrest.”


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