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Walkaroo presents trendy ballerinas for women

Posted on January 3, 2022

Bombay : Whether it’s a date with friends, weddings, or any casual party, ballerina shoes can enhance the style quotient for any occasion. Accompanying current fashion trends, Walkaroo is launching a Ballerina collection suitable for a diverse fashion needed by new age women. This style, which embodies both casual and feminine clothing, has a unique place in every young woman’s closet, providing a much needed fashion break from stiletto heels while remaining stylish.

This lightweight pair of shoes, made of a brightly colored knitted fabric with a durable PVC and PU sole, priced between 350 and 500 MRP, is available in a mix of different shades of bright colors, designed specifically for women of all ages to enjoy top quality. and finished. Walkaroo created intricate and unique ballerinas to suit every personality and style, recreating the work of art. Whether you are strolling the city streets during the day or attending meetings, the Walkaroo ballerina shoes provide exemplary comfort.

V Noushad, Managing Director of Walkaroo International Pvt Ltd, said: “Finding fashionable and comfortable shoes is a challenge in itself. We have designed this latest line of ballet flats with a mix of colors, style and comfort for our customers. The base is made of durable PVC or PU soles that provide all-day comfort. Our design team came up with vibrant and eye-catching colourways using a knitted fabric that would match the tastes of women of all age groups. Knitted ballet flats are one of a kind and add the essential fashion and style quotient to this product line.

As the festivities draw near, make a statement with the Walkaroo ballet flats available in a variety of bright colors and eye-catching styles which are up for grabs at your nearest point of sale and also at the company’s online store.


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