Why I don’t lie to women – Nollywood actor, Rotimi Salami


The actor, Rotimi Salami, says he doesn’t cheat on women because his mother strongly advised him not to.

Talking about how he handles the admiration of women, he said Saturday rhythm“There are a lot of cute guys in Nollywood and beyond. Something will always make a person stand out, and that’s grace. The only thing I appreciate is grace. In my job, from that women like what we do means that we are doing something good.

“It is generally said that women have the power to make one go up, and they can also push one down. My mom always warned me, even before I started playing, that if I wasn’t going to eat anything, I shouldn’t even smell it.

“She (mom) always told me not to lie to women. It’s one of the things that kept me going when it comes to dealing with female fans. I’ll welcome you (fan ) as much as possible but as soon as I realize that you are going to (bring me) discomfort I will let you know Of course I can’t hug everyone but in my heart I wish I could do it.

Reacting to a troll mocking his wife on social media, the actor said fans should always put themselves in the shoes of celebrities before commenting on the weather. He said: “My advice to our fans is that before making that hateful comment or even advice, they should read it at least three or five times before posting it (on social media).”

The actor also said the lady who posted the message was probably just looking for attention. He said: “I feel that people are mentally, psychologically and even physically affected by a lot of things. Everyone wants attention at one point or another.

“If someone really claims to love me and my brand, they will protect everything that has to do with me.”

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