Women-Owned Businesses to Support Now


Outdoor and socially distanced pop-up shops have emerged with the pandemic in 2020, and small women-owned businesses make up the majority of their vendors. Photo credit: Clarissa Arceo

Women’s History Month is observed throughout March and recognizes and honors influential women throughout history.

Women play an important role in everyone’s life and take on many roles; moms, teachers, grandmothers, older sisters, babysitters, etc.

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, many women have decided to start their own small business, whether it becomes their main source of income or a side hobby.

So, in honor of Women’s History Month, we’ve put together a list of 15 women-owned businesses in the 562 area to show this month some love.

1. Casa Blanca and Co.

Operating in South Gate and remaining exclusively onlinethis female-owned business specializes in providing fashionable accessories ranging from handbags, necklaces, rings, sunglasses and more!

2. CSM Therapy

This small business is all about health and beauty, offering cupping, scraping, and massage services in Corona, California that promotes wellness of mind and body.

3. Chelle Crystals

Crystals have become more popular with the pandemic and promoted on social media, and this small business sells these rough stones alongside goblets and rings at various local pop-up stores.

4. Customized by Desi

Los Angeles-based Desiree Gonzalez customizes Starbucks-sized cups on demand at Etsy to ship directly to you!

5. Ecuamex

Located in the city of Downeythis women-owned business serves as a mobile cafe with a dairy-free foodservice menu.

6. Emma’s vinyl

This teen-owned business specializes in making custom, handmade products ranging from business cards, shirts, buttons, key rings and more to local pop-up shops.

7. Lau Lira’s creations

This mom-owned business works decorating balloon bouquets and arches for parties and special events! It also offers bulk custom shirt services.

8. Nice shop

This women-owned business sells a variety of fashionable clothing and accessories in line and in local pop-up shops.

9. Mom’s Tamales

This family owned and operated business takes care to a vegan and gluten-free menu featuring premium Latin foods.

ten. Nature’s Corner Co.

This woman-owned business in Pico Rivera specializes in the sale of hand-poured soy wax aromatherapy candles. Sarah sells her candles and melting waxes for pick up or delivery!

11. Oopsie Daisy Treats

Located in the town of Downey, Daisy sells chocolate covered strawberries in a variety of assortments including boxes, bunches and bouquets.

12. Pixie chicks

Pixie Chicks creates and sells a variety of pre-customized shirts, bags and products on Etsy from La Puente

13. Por Vida Cosmetics

This female-owned cosmetics boutique sells eyelash beauty products and sells exclusively in line for delivery!

14. The Crystal Brujita

This woman-owned business sells high-quality healing crystals and tools ranging from accessories to apothecary. She works exclusively online and ships worldwide!

15. Unforgettable Solez

This family business is based in Whittier and sells a wide variety of fashionable shoes ranging from heels, sandals and boots.


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