‘Yellowjackets’ Cast Pose in Sleek Heels on Cover of ‘Hollywood Reporter’ – Footwear News


The stars of Showtime’s “yellow vests” took center stage this week, posing for the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter together. In group photos, the close-knit quartet – Juliette Lewis, Christina Ricci, Melanie Lynskey and Tawny Cypress – performed on their cover and accompanying editorial clean shots, with equally smooth shoes to boot.

Lewis donned a glamorous gothic outfit for the occasion, wearing a sheer paneled floral flowing skirt with a black lace top. Lynskey also opted for a print ensemble, wearing a leopard polka dot dress with black 3D flowers on her bodice. Ricci, meanwhile, played a grown-up version of ’90s grunge in a black satin and silk mini dress over sheer black tights, complete with a high-necked black and white necklace. Cypress’ ensemble complemented the black hues of the wardrobe with the most modern take on the monochrome outfit, a blazer dress with a daring side cutout and an asymmetrical miniskirt.

Gold and silver bracelets and rings, along with a delicate pendant necklace, complemented the crew’s accessories – although the pieces remained neutral, complementing each other while allowing their outfits to take center stage. stage.

When it comes to footwear, however, women present a unified front. Lewis’ shoes went feminine, consisting of a high-heeled set of black Alexandre Birman sandals topped with crystal buckle bows. Lynskey’s stiletto Alaïa sandals featured equally smooth black leather uppers, complete with the brand’s signature rounded orbs and studs. Ricci’s shoes weren’t visible, though the actress likely donned similar dark heels as well. Cypress’ shoes featured the most glamorous of the four, a set of black leather mules with pointed toes, thin heels and tied T-shaped straps covered in sparkling crystals.

During their group chat, the cast teased their ’90s regrets — which is fitting, as Lewis, Ricci and Lynskey are all notable actresses who debuted back then — and what’s in store for their characters in the upcoming second season of the drama. They also discussed current topics, including the overthrow of Roe v. Wade and how today’s generations differ from theirs.

While discussing their early days in Hollywood, Lewis notably recalled having to unlearn survival mechanisms as his career progressed — as well as how to handle criticism from self and the public.

“There are all these things that have to do with how to survive a system. That’s what I’m unlearning today — to be softer,” Lewis told writer Rebecca Keegan. “It’s a truly remarkable industry to be a part of. I feel honored to be a part of it and what it has given me, but I still hold on to what it took from me in my youth. .

Check out more stars in stylish heels from the 2021 Emmy Awards in the gallery.


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