Zendaya & Anne Hathaway Sparklefor Bulgari in Jewels & Gowns – Footwear News


Bulgari brings a burst of movie star glamor to its latest campaign – in fact, from two big stars themselves: Zendaya and Anne Hathaway.

The couple’s journey in the film ‘Unexpected Wonders’ directed by Paolo Sorrentino finds them strolling through an ornate villa, moving through empty rooms. Throughout the summer 2022 clip, each recites line after line of how wonder is encapsulated in new beginnings, enjoying precious moments, and understanding each other.

For the occasion, Hathaway wears an unbuttoned white tuxedo shirt with a green snake and diamond wristwatch, a green cocktail ring and short earrings adorned with blue, silver and green gemstones. In tandem, Zendaya also rocks an all-white look: high-waisted pleated pants, a plunging corset, and a lightweight lapel jacket, paired with a gold watch, ruby ​​ring, and ornate snake-like diamond necklace wrapped around it. of a big pink jewel.

From this point, the delicate background music swells and becomes more upbeat. The villa’s rooms slowly fill with slow-motion falling multicolored flowers, while Hathaway dances and twirls in a peach-colored silk top and pink and silver fan-shaped pendant necklace. Zendaya does the same, wearing a floaty navy jumpsuit with puffy balloon sleeves and a choker necklace adorned with diamonds and emeralds.

As the sun sets, Zendaya and Hathaway stroll down a winding road and watch a sunset side by side, wearing a long-sleeved black dress and a strapless purple dress, respectively. For the glamorous finale, each star completes her look with diamond stud earrings, though their necklaces differ: Hathaway’s is an intricate diamond and emerald necklace, while Zendaya’s mimics her old snake-shaped necklace with silver diamonds and a big blue gemstone.

While the two stars’ shoes aren’t fully visible, looks at full body shots in the film show the two actresses wearing what appear to be either sandals or mules with stiletto heels.

The film is certainly a lesson in movie star glamour, which Hathaway and Zendaya are used to exuding on and off the red carpet. Zendaya made waves earlier this year for her performance in Season 2 of “Euphoria,” memorably arriving at the 2022 Oscars in a Sharon Stone-inspired white collared shirt and low-rise silver skirt, both designed by Valentino. Hathaway, meanwhile, delivered high-powered outfits throughout the spring season to promote her Apple TV+ show “WeCrashed.” More recently, she also made headlines for her glitzy style at the Cannes Film Festival in standout ensembles from Gucci, Armani, Valentino and Schiaparelli.


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